Have you found your Soul Mate?

There are many types of soul mates one can have in a life time. Soul mates are someone we still have unfinished Karma with from a previous lifetime that we are here to complete it. Special soul mates where there is a love connection. When two soul mates find each other and reconnect “in love” there is a chemistry between the two that is beyond compare to other relationships. There is a also a spiritual bond that regular relationships don't have.

Seeing someone for the first time and feeling drawn to them like a magnet could mean your spirit is alerting you to the possibility that you are about to encounter a soul mate. The spiritual bond of soul mates who have a “ true love” connection will recognize that bond in their spiritual inner being. It is something that both people will feel it innately. Some people are lucky enough to have this in a life time and others aren't. It's rare when two people are brought together re- united as "true loves".  True love is a real gift from the universe and should be taken with both hands and their hearts. It is possible that this could be a permanent and fulfilling reunion of the soul when it does happen.

Being in the right place at the right time is another indication of the universe putting two soul mates together for a reunion of true love. This is commonly referred to as fate bringing two people together. In the case of two people meeting who feel that soul connection; they can also say that it was the right time for them. They will feel that is clearly why they met.

If you are lucky enough to reconnect with their soul mate everything seems to fall into place at the time of that reconciliation.

When soul mates come together; what sets their relationship apart from others is the level of depth the relationship has. People who are soul mates state that their relationship brings them a sense of completeness and spirituality that they have not experienced in other relationships they have had before. The sense of intimacy is also on a different level with soul mates than a regular love connection. Their coming together brings to them a feeling of divine wholeness by being together. Soul mates have said that their relationships were like a divine plan that the universe bestowed upon them. And they were so happy that it did. My question to you, are you with your soul mate?