Kissable Collection

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Kissable Treasures

This date night in a box can be used as an addition to your plans or used exclusively for your rendezvous. The Kissable Treasure box contains:

  • 2 Signature wine glasses

  • 200 Silk Rose petals

  • 2 candles

  • 2 votives

  • Romantic Scavenger Hunt

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Embrace Adventures

South Florida offers the best scenic atmosphere for our adventurous couples. From hiking the nature-filled park to the amazing bikes trails and much more.

Some additional activities for this option include:

  • Helicopter rides

  • Hot air balloon rides

  • Air boat rides

  • Driving Experience

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restaurants and more..

There are many ways for couples to explore each other. Why not through food? Allow our Date Night Specialist brainstorm to provide options for your next memory. Your date night culinary outings can be experienced through:

  • Food Tours

  • Dinner Cruises

  • Sunset/Sunrise picnics

  • Chef prepared meals

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Are you and your partner water enthusiasts? Our Date Night Specialist will plan a fun-filled day for you! Here are a few ways to enjoy your time in and on the water:

  • Jet Skiing

  • Scuba Diving

  • Canoeing

  • Gondola rides


A La CartE

Certain occasions need custom planning. Our Date Night Specialists will brainstorm and work with you to create your next memory. Here are some of the following:

  • Wedding Suite Romantic Decor

  • Anniversary

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Spa day for two.

  • and much more.

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Cultural Outing

Are you and your partner a fan of cultural events? Planning your date would be a sinch with some of the following:

  • Theater

  • Painting/Scupting

  • Museum

  • Spoken word (Open Mic Night)

  • Wine tasting