Love Languages

What’s up Kissables! Do you know your love language? How does your partner feel loved? Listen as our couples go into detail on how their partners feels loved. Feel free to leave a comment below and add to the conversation. You will also here what they adore and their pet peeves ( what they would like their partner to work on) about each other. Thank you for your continued support and remember to keep it kissable.

Show Notes:

Examples of the 5 love langauages: 1:57

McNabbs share their love languages: 11:45

McNabbs share their pet peeves and admiration: 13:54

Toni and Marlin share their love languages: 17:45

Toni and Marlin share pet peeves and admiration: 19:41

Discussing Finances

EP39|S08 Discussing Finances. In this episode I give 4 tips on how you can discuss finance in your relationship. Also I talk to a married couple also a couple that is dating. They give their insight on how they deal with finances in their relationship. Make sure to comment below and share what works for you in your relationship. Thank you for your continued support remember to Keep it Kissable!

Show Notes:

4 Financial tips for couples - 6:13

The McNabbs (Married) - 12:32

Toni and Marlin (Dating) - 17:25

Our New Couples Series!!!

Whats up Kissables! We have some awesome episodes lined up for you this season. We ran into some technical difficulties that caused tonight’s show to be postponed. We are working to beck up and running with in a couples days. Thank you for your patience and get ready for our couples next week. Thank you for your continued support and Remember to Keep it Kissable!

-The Kissable Diva

Happy Summer Kissables!

If you haven noticed we have taken the summer off! We working on new content for the Month of August. So excited to get back into it. If you have caught up by now no worries. We have all the Kissable Nights Podcast episodes listed here on this blog and on . Make sure to sign up for our newsletter that will also be send out in August. We look forward to offering some useful content for all of our Kissable Fam. Thank you so much for your support. Make to keep checking back! Remember to keep it kissable!

Getting Through The Dry Spells

What;s up Kissables! Its inevitable that relationships will go through dry spells. How they are dealt with makes all the difference. Tonight I want to give you 5 tips on how to get through dry spells in your relationship. Let me know if any of these tips may work for you and your relationship, please comment down below.

Women's Health

What’s up Kissables!

This week we discuss women’s health the importance of taking care of yourself. There are symtoms and preventatives measures that we all must pay attention to. Join us while Registered Nurse, Sharonda Hankerson shares information that we all need to know. This episode is a bit more serious but I felt it was needed. Comment below and continue the conversation.

March Madness

What’s up Kissables? We had the pleasure of going to the Playlistlive. As always it was a an amazing experience. We asked Chad Radar from GABEBABETV to give some pointer on you get in the game of basketball. It was great words of wisdom shared Keshia from The Rush Fam.also gave her 2 cents on how you can learn the game. Take a listen and let me know what you think,

How Do You Communicate?

What’s up Kissables! On tonight’s episode I discuss communication styles.

  • Passive

  • Agressive

  • Passive-agressive

  • Assertive

Take a listen and let me know which communication style you use with your partner. This subject can go deep. if you would like me to elaborate more on another episode, lave a voice message right here on the our website or a comment below. I would love to hear how you communicate.

Learning the GAME.

Whats up Kissable!!! I thought it would be fun and helpful for those that do not know the game of American Football, to get a few tips and tricks. We have a co-host that explains the game of football and some simple tips on how to impress your boo. Make sure to listen and get your ear full before tomorrow. If you do not get to hear the show before tomorrow. No worries. You can use this information for future reference. As always thank you for your support and remember to keep it kissable.

Dealing with Distractions in your Relationships

What's up Kissables!!! Tonight's episode Im giving you 3 tips on how to deal with distractions in your relationships. Thank Goodness the shut down is over for 800,000 employees back to work…. temporarily. The Amanda Seales "I be Knowin" HBO special was an amazing comedic relief of what Black go through. You will be glad you see it. Make sure to visit us at and let us know how much you love the Podcast. As always thank you for your support and remember to Keep it Kissable.

Time Management

What’s up Kissables!!! We are back and in full affect. We just posted out first episode for the year and looking forward to a very fun and informative season. This episode my guest co-host and I give a few tips on how busy couples and use time management to spend more quality time together. We also touched on the government shutdown and how it affects different departments and sectors. Click here to get the break down of each day. Make sure to tune in to get your tips and date night of the week.

We have a new feature added to the website. You can leave a voice message and tell us what you love about the Kissable Night Podcast. You just might hear your voice on the show. We look forward to hearing from you.

We made it to the season finale.

What’s up Kissable!! We have made it to the end of 2018. On this episode we discuss intent or resolutions for 2019. “Never giving up” is the phrase for 2019. If you have not completed what your set out for in 2018, keep going. We will be providing more tips, tricks, and hacks on how busy couples can spend more quality time with each other. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and recieve your “Ultimate Date Night Check List” and your “Date Night Calendar”. If you are interested in getting the visionary journal for your goal planning in 2019 click here. Show some love below. Thank you 2018 and Welcome 2019.

What to do While Waiting for Your Mate.

Happy Sunday Kissables!!

Today's show we have a listener choice question.  What are some things people can do while they are single to prepare for their husband/wife?

I thought this was a interesting question and very good one. Women are still out there looking for their Boaz and men are still looking for their virtuous woman. Truth is whatever expectations and value we want our future husbands/wives to have should mirrored.  We are who attract right? 

Some of the things I cover in tonight's podcast:

  • Getting to know yourself.

  • Digging deep in our belief systems.

  • Getting involved in our communities. (selflessness)

  • Being present/ Emotionally available

  • Taking care of home.

  • Learning how to cook.

  • Financial Literacy

  • Conquering your insecurities.

Comment with tips, advice, or simply comment on what you think about tonights subject.

I found some awesome resources that share some great points ....

Resources Below: