Romance After Babies.

What's up Kissables!

We speak with Greg and Sheena about some of the things they do to keep the Romance.   When expanding the family its not always easy to have things back to the way that they were.  In fact things will not go back to the way they were, but you can make it your new normal. It takes a lot of effort deal with change when expanding the family.  What is most important is self care only then will you have the energy to give your self to your family.  When it comes to romance it is good to have scheduled dates nights.  Use the Kissable Retreats calendar to help you schedule date nights.  If it just quiet time doing what you love, it will be time well spent.  Don't forget what the special times you have spent that brought you two together.  Comment below and tell us how you schedule you date nights after having babies.  

-Keep it Kissable