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Discussing Finances

EP39|S08 Discussing Finances. In this episode I give 4 tips on how you can discuss finance in your relationship. Also I talk to a married couple also a couple that is dating. They give their insight on how they deal with finances in their relationship. Make sure to comment below and share what works for you in your relationship. Thank you for your continued support remember to Keep it Kissable!

Show Notes:

4 Financial tips for couples - 6:13

The McNabbs (Married) - 12:32

Toni and Marlin (Dating) - 17:25

How Do You Communicate?

What’s up Kissables! On tonight’s episode I discuss communication styles.

  • Passive

  • Agressive

  • Passive-agressive

  • Assertive

Take a listen and let me know which communication style you use with your partner. This subject can go deep. if you would like me to elaborate more on another episode, lave a voice message right here on the our website or a comment below. I would love to hear how you communicate.