love languages

Love Languages

What’s up Kissables! Do you know your love language? How does your partner feel loved? Listen as our couples go into detail on how their partners feels loved. Feel free to leave a comment below and add to the conversation. You will also here what they adore and their pet peeves ( what they would like their partner to work on) about each other. Thank you for your continued support and remember to keep it kissable.

Show Notes:

Examples of the 5 love langauages: 1:57

McNabbs share their love languages: 11:45

McNabbs share their pet peeves and admiration: 13:54

Toni and Marlin share their love languages: 17:45

Toni and Marlin share pet peeves and admiration: 19:41

Dealing with Distractions in your Relationships

What's up Kissables!!! Tonight's episode Im giving you 3 tips on how to deal with distractions in your relationships. Thank Goodness the shut down is over for 800,000 employees back to work…. temporarily. The Amanda Seales "I be Knowin" HBO special was an amazing comedic relief of what Black go through. You will be glad you see it. Make sure to visit us at and let us know how much you love the Podcast. As always thank you for your support and remember to Keep it Kissable.