Here are some praises from of our Kissables:

Nicole Mints

I just wanted to stop by an say thank you for planning a wonderful weekend for my fiancé and I! The customer service was remarkable! Looking forward to you all planning our honeymoon weekend!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you

Mrs. Camile Mighty

Thank you Kissable Retreats for making my hubby and I anniversary a memorable one.  Our room was fabulously decorated and the ambiance was spectacular.  Thank you, my husband and I will always remember our very own Kissable Retreat.

Roy Butler

I was looking for the perfect floral arrangement for my wife buy after days of searching I could not find the perfect arrangement and perfect price.  I know what you’re saying hey its just flowers so how hard could it be, but when your wife is big fan of lilies I knew I had to find that perfect lily arrangement.  So I decided to contact Kissable Retreats to see if they would be able to help me out of this bind that I was in.  What can I say they came through with the best arrangement that I have ever see in a longtime.  You can tell that the flowers were carefully selected to complement each other and that they were of good quality as well.  So in would like to say thank you Kissable Retreats and I can’t wait to use your service in the future.